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General Information

A General Election is held in May of each year. Due to the passage of the Home Rule Charter the election process will now be transitioning over to 3 year terms.  For this year, 2023 we will elect Council Place 1 and Council Place 3 for a three year term that will expire in May of 2026.  Council Place 4 was elected in May of 2022 for a two (2) year term expiring in 2024 then will transition to a three year term.  

In May of 2024 Council Place 4 and Council Place 5 will be elected to a three (3) year term expiring in May of 2027.  Following this election each May there will be an election for 2 positions each for three (3) year terms. Unless there is a vacancy in a position. Then a Special election may be held to fill that position. 

Deadline for filing for Candidacy/Holding Office is the 108th day prior to the Election. Election day is the first Saturday in May of each year.

Qualifications for Candidacy/Holding Office

Each member of the City Council, including the Mayor shall meet the following qualifications:

  • Be a registered voter of the City;
  • Have resided in the City for one (1) year before the date of the election;
  • Continue residency in the City during the term of office;
  • Not hold more than one elective office;
  • Not hold an appointed office of the City excluding boards, committees and commissions;
  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Not have been determined mentally incompetent by a final judgment in court; and
  • Not have been finally convicted of a felony from which the person has not been pardoned or otherwise released from the resulting disabilities.

Ask a Question

If you have any questions concerning the City of Aledo General Election please contact City Secretary Deana McMullen at (817) 441-7016 during regular business hours or via email.

Please check back regularly for updated information regarding local elections.

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