Policy for Train Stopping on Tracks in Downtown Aledo

The week of December 23, 2019 there was an incident with the Union Pacific Rail Road with a train stopped in the Aledo Downtown Crossing (Southbound Lane) on FM1187 causing traffic to be backed up to Interstate 20 for over 1 hour.  While the City of Aledo has no control over the train system and whether they stop on our tracks the City is being pro-active by putting a policy in place when these types of incidents happen. 

Once it is determined that a train has stopped on the tracks blocking one or both crossings or there is a malfunction of the crossing arms City Staff has been instructed to immediately contact the Rail Road via the Emergency number to obtain information regarding the incident as well as an estimated time expected for incident to be resolved and to notify Senior Staff of the situation so that the information can be put on the City Facebook page.   Police Personnel will also be contacted so that they may direct traffic if the need is there.

We appreciate everyone's patience during this type of incident and ask that you please remember the City has NO control over the comings and goings of the trains, their malfunctions, or their stopping on our crossings.  We will however do everything possible to get the information out to everyone in a timely manner so that you can avoid the area if at all possible when this happens.

Mayor Kit Marshall/City Management